Potential clients are looking for you...

We are pleased to announce a new online directory that will help you connect with prospective clients:  LicensedLawyer.org.  It lets prospective clients search for and connect with local attorneys, filter the results as they choose and then view the profiles of the lawyers who fit their criteria.  From their results they can contact lawyers simply by clicking to send a lawyer an email, or they can follow a link to the lawyer's website, or call the lawyer on the phone.
The site has been developed with both clients and lawyers in mind.  The members in good standing of Participating Bar associations are listed on the LicensedLawyer site. Active attorneys in good standing who are accepting new clients may also choose to be included in specialized search options on the site, showing prospective clients their credentials, practice areas, and other details of interest to clients, such as the type of fee arrangements they offer.
The Participating Bars have worked closely with their respective state courts on LicensedLawyer.org so that it will be the “go to” reference source for court staff who need a reliable and unbiased process to use in referring unrepresented parties to a lawyer.  The Participating Bars will be aggressively promoting the site to the public directly and online, as well as to civic, religious and community groups whose members may look to them for a lawyer referral.  
There is no fee for lawyers to have profiles on the site, although some Participating Bars may charge for an enhanced directory listing.  There is no charge to prospective clients to use the site.  Search results are displayed randomly, thereby providing the public with a reference that is appropriate for their problem, trustworthy, and unbiased.  As a participating attorney, you will be able to track hits on your profile from within your personal account log in and adjust your profile to increase your results.
Please update your personalized profile by following this link: https://www.licensedlawyer.org/Login. The system uses the same login information as your current Bar account. Once you are logged in, select “My Dashboard” at the top of the page, and then “Update Profile” on the left menu.  Your Bar public business information is already pre-loaded for your convenience.  Please confirm the information is correct and add any missing information. To be included in all search options for clients looking for a new attorney, be sure to UNCHECK the box to “OPT-IN” and CHECK the box for “accepting new clients” when you update your profile.  It just takes a few minutes and you can easily update it at any time. Need guidance or your login information? 


If you are an attorney in Colorado, please contact contact [email protected] or call 303-860-1115.

If you are an attorney in Alaska, please contact [email protected] or call 907-272-7469.

If you are an attorney in Utah or a member of any state bar association except Colorado or Alaska, please contact [email protected].

If you are an attorney in Montana, please contact [email protected] or call (406) 447-2201.


LicensedLawyer.org was developed as a service to lawyers of Participating Bars and to the public. The goal is to make lawyers much more accessible to the individuals and businesses who need their services.  We will be constantly striving to improve the directory.